Black is usually the choice for most luxury cars and SUVs – but without proper maintenance, black paint can end up becoming scratched and damaged, and lose its sheen of luxury. There are two primary types of clear coats that can be used to protect your car’s paint.

Soft Clear Coats

Soft clear coats are made of softer, less durable polymers. They have a very deep, rich color which can help bring out the natural color of your car, giving it a more rich and beautiful appearance. They’re easier to scratch, but can be quickly restored with a quick correction and paint polishing treatment.

Hard Clear Coats

Hard clear coats are much more hard and durable than soft clear coats. They will hold up to more abuse over time, and resist swirling and scratches, but they are harder to refinish, and may “dull” the color of your paint somewhat.

The choice between hard and soft clear coats depends on your specific car, driving habits, and particular needs.

Contact Advanced Detailing Experts if you’re not sure how to restore your car’s paint!

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