Sergio Fierro, Founder Of Advance Detailing Experts, Joins The IMS Museum Preservation Team

Sergio Fierro, the owner and founder of auto detailing company Advance Detailing Experts, was invited to become part of the detailing team responsible for caring for vehicles at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) Museum beginning on February 21-23, 2019.
This is the latest honor for Fierro, who has already made a name for himself in the auto detailing world through his company, one of the most prestigious Spanish-speaking detailing companies in the Ventura County and Los Angeles area.
As part of this position, Fierro will be working alongside other certified master auto detailers and techs, to work on, preserve, and restore some of the most important cars to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Fierro, who has more than 12 years of automotive detailing experience, and has undergone multiple job trainings and certifications in his field.
Fierro and the rest of the detailing team were responsible for working on a number of vehicles which have historical importance in the world of American motorsports and racing.
As part of this special SONAX Detailing Team, Fierro hopes to live up to expectations. “It really is such an honor to represent a worldwide premium car care brand,” says Fierro. “And the rest of the guys and I can’t wait to get to work, I’m sure.”

Advance Detailing Experts Represents Sonax at SEMA 2018

It was an honor to work at the SONAX Booth at SEMA 2018 as a spokesperson/demonstrator for the brand. I feel privileged to represent a world wide premium car care brand; moreover, it was also a great experience working side by side with the legendary Mike Phillips, Rigo Santana, Oscar Guzman, SONAX master detailers, and all the SONAX team.

Sergio Fierro Selected as Lead Trainer for Ceramic Pro Training in Mexico City

Sergio Fierro, owner and founder of Advance Detailing Experts, was selected as the lead trainer in a Spanish speaking training organized by Ceramic Pro America Latina this past weekend in Mexico City. Sergio is one of the first installers of Ceramic Pro advance coating systems for the automotive industry in USA. His knowledge, experience and expertise in installing paint and interior protections has allow him to participate in other prestigious events and trainings.


Advance Detailing Experts Detail the Air Force One

Sergio Fierro of Advance Detailing Experts visited the Seattle Museum Of Flight, having been selected as a member of the influential Air Force One Detailing Team at the Museum of Flight. Over the course of a week, they detailed 17 historic aircraft while continuing their role as caretakers to the first presidential jet Air Force One. The 2017 team is the largest ever at over 50 of the finest detailers from around the country.

The prestigious team also cleaned, polished, and applied protective coatings to the now retired supersonic Concorde Alpha Golf; a remarkable WWII B-52 Stratofortress Bomber; and the first “Jumbo Jet” Boeing 747 christened in 1969 and whose engine rings haven’t been polished since it came to the museum.

“I am as excited to be selected this year as I was last year, but this year, we will also polish the engine rings on one of the most recognizable mainstream passenger jets ever built,” says Fierro. “The team cleaned the 747 a couple of years ago, but we did not have time to do the engine rings. Many of the team members felt the job was unfinished so we will rectify that this year by bringing it up to the same level of shine as the rest of the plane!”

Featured on Velocity TV’s Competition Ready

Oxnard-based detailer, Sergio Fierro of Advance Detailing Experts was invited by popular TV hosts Mike Phillips and Adrienne “AJ” Janic to be a guest detailer on episode 14 of Velocity TV’s hit show Competition Ready. Fierro, who is also a member of the vaunted Air Force One Detailing Team for the Seattle Museum of Flight, prepped two Lamborghinis belonging to Hollywood celebrity Adam Corolla, well known for his incredible collection of vintage and rare cars.


Supercars Are Our Specialty

Watch as Sergio Fierro of Advance Detailing Experts uses his extensive expertise in applying Ceramic Pro 9H on this 1000 WHP Widebody Nissan GTR. Beauty is within the details.

Sonax Detailing Products

Advance Detailing Experts only uses professional-grade detailing products for clients' vehicles. Sonax offers quality products that help remove dirt and grime, as well as preserve the shine of vehicles new or old.