Servicing all of Ventura County from La Conchita to Ventura, Point Mugu, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, and the Simi Valley.

ADE provides a FREE overall assessment of any damage or potential harm to your paint

Sergio Fierro is a certified Paint Correction Specialist. He will monitor your paint for signs of oxidation, fading, fine scratches, holograms, and swirl marks that dull your shine and make recommendations for how to best approach any problems you may have such as clay bar to clean environmental contaminants from your paint, or repairing rough “etches” caused by acidic bird droppings and squashed bugs. Both, if left on the paint too long, can eat through the clear coat and paint, down to the metal resulting in the detailer’s Kryptonite — rust!

Get Your FREE Paint Assessment

The ADE Mobile-unit Comes to You
at Your Convenience

We begin with a hand wash using a lubricating pH-neutral shampoo, or an amazing "waterless" wash for eco-friendly maintenance.

Both inside and outside, ADE cleans every inch of your vehicle, including areas automated car washes can’t reach; monitoring the condition of your paint, and making recommendations for long-term care of your automotive investment.

Whether you are working or playing, ADE can come clean your vehicle so it is ready for you, friends, and family, anytime.

  • Jesus Bravo
    Muy profesional y económico buen trabajo lo recomiendo lo mejor en lo nueva tecnología.
    Jesus Bravo
    5-Star Review
  • Monica Fierro
    Incredibly professional, experienced, and great customer service!
    Monica Fierro
    5-Star Review
  • Chris Graham
    Sergio and his team are very professional! They offer Superb jobs at your convenience! Best in town!
    Chris Graham
    5-Star Review
  • Ricardo Esparza
    The best work and highly recommend. The best in Ventura County. Very professional.
    Ricardo Esparza
    5-Star Review
  • Rob Fafrowicz
    Phenomenal work. True professionalism in his work and customer service, and a pleasure to work with!
    Rob Fafrowicz
    5-Star Review
  • Justin May
    Top notch service! Very knowledgeable and professional.
    Justin May
    5-Star Review
  • Yasser Diab
    You can't get any advanced and high quality service anywhere else, the name speaks for itself! Awesome work.
    Yasser Diab
    5-Star Review
  • Joab Flores
    Advanced Detailing Experts are the best in the area. Sergio is a true professional who goes above and beyond to exceed your needs. Use them your car will thank you!
    Joab Flores
    5-Star Review
  • Ryan Hester Doyle
    Sergio has great work ethic and won't stop until the job is done and done well! You won't be disappointed when trusting Advance Detailing Experts with all your detailing needs.
    Ryan Hester Doyle
    5-Star Review
  • Fiery Ramos
    If you are looking for the WOW Factor for your vehicle, Sergio is the guy to call! I am never getting another cheap car wash! The services that Sergio offers keep your car looking great, longer! If Sergio can detailed Air Force One, he can surely detail my car! I recommend his services!
    Fiery Ramos
    5-Star Review
Durable Protective Coatings - the Holy Grail of the Automotive Industry.

ADE’s complete line of Ceramic Pro Coating products offer long-term protection against wear and tear, environmental contaminants, weather, and in some cases, scratches and rock chips. Their full line includes products for automotive paint, metal, rubber and plastic, glass, fabrics, and leather surfaces!

Hogfathers, Choppers, Cruisers, Tiddlers, Gixxers, etc.

Loaded for cruising or jacked up for racing, a clean, shiny bike drives better and looks better! Sergio specializes in safe, intricate motorcycle detailing using clay bar to remove contaminants, and skilled polishing techniques to remove minor surface scratches and swirl marks.

Enroll in ADE's Aviation Protection & Maintenance Program & get double the amount of flight hours before maintenance!

Private and civic aircraft are increasingly more mainstream, & there is a growing need for niche detailers who have experience keeping them clean. A clean aircraft exterior is aerodynamic, saving significantly on fuel usage.

Aircraft detailing has it challenges but ADE is trained to handle the job, having been a member of the 2016 Air Force One & Boeing ZCentennial Detailing Teams at the Seattle Museum of Flight.

Protect Your Boat Investment with Routine Detailing

The water, breeze, sand, and sunshine is brutal on watercraft. Metals corrode quicker near water and Isinglass windshields & portals become cloudy & yellow if not frequently polished. Protect your boating assets against rapid corrosion with compounding, polished, sealed, and protected.