Meet Sergio Fierro

Owner and Founder of Advance
Detailing Experts

Sergio Fierro has been a member of the professional detailing and car care industry for more than 15 years, and holds at least two certifications from different detailing schools. In March of 2016, Sergio attended the premier Detailing Success Latino Training class with the Master of Automotive and Aircraft Detailing, Renny Doyle. There, Sergio joined several Latino detailing colleagues in a new program targeting talented Hispanic detailers across the country who have never had access to instruction in their native language.

Sergio is a Certified (CD) and Skills Validated (SV) member of the International Detailing Association (IDA), the highest level of hands-on training available with the professional organization. He is also a member of the elite 2016-2017 Air Force One Detailing Team, and the 2016 Boeing Centennial Detailing Team at the Seattle Museum of Flight.

The week-long advanced interactive training with Doyle and one of his most successful Spanish-speaking detailers led to Sergio’s walking away with an Advanced Detailing Business Certification with a specialization in Paint Correction, Sanding, Compounding, and Polishing; furthermore, Sergio received a certification in Advanced Headlight Restoration and Semi-permanent Coatings Application.

Our Mission

Advance Detailing Experts is committed to providing every customer with expert interior and exterior detailing services for your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or aircraft. With certifications in paint correction and minor repairs, Advance Detailing Experts uses only the most innovative professional-grade car care products and the safest equipment and techniques in the car care industry. Advance Detailing Experts' focus has always been on customer satisfaction, and we strive to provide the finest detailing services in Ventura County.